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Success Stories

What are families are saying.....

Annette & Dan

"We learned the brutal truth about the disease​ of addiction through Denise’s honest testimony and caring guidance. She doesn’t sugarcoat reality. Denise has been there for our family for the past 18mo-guiding not only our son through his recovery, but my husband and I through some very tough family situations. We have been truly blessed by this lady’s experience and expertise"


"Denise has been influential in helping me get my life back on track, I was struggling with staying sober, codependency and other issues with my relationships, Denise showed me how to work daily on not engaging in the behaviors and switching them to more positive ones. I would recommend her to anyone who finds it challenging to stick with their word because she has no qualms about keeping someone accountable. She gave me clear instructions that seemed abstract at first, but once I began to practice using them I immediately began to see a change in my life and my behaviors. I now try to use what she taught me in my everyday life, how I eat, live, love others and keep myself moving toward my goals. This year alone, I’ve started a small business, stayed sane throughout 2020, got a new car, an increase in salary and increasingly worked toward bettering myself step by step. So grateful for her."

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