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Denise Maupin, ACSW
Life Coach, Interventionist, Trauma Informed/Trained, 

Motivational Speaker

Hello, I'm Denise Maupin, ACSW

With nearly 21 years experience in the recovery field and the 12 Step community, Denise Maupin has helped countless individuals who have struggled with addiction and family trauma. Recently recognized for her service in recovery from the city of Long Beach and the United States Senate, she has continued as a recovery mainstay in Southern California. Denise is a USC graduate with a masters degree in Social Work, currently pursuing her Doctorates Degree at USC, she has been an interventionist for gangs, addiction, homelessness, and crisis. Denise has experience with working with individuals trauma, and has experience with, individual, couples and family therapy.. Denise spends her free time helping and sponsoring others, writing her book, and inspiring hundreds.

My Name is Roberto Lind

I am a certified drug and alcohol counselor specializing in the field of addiction.

I, myself, have also been in recovery for the better part of four years. I have come to understand through my own personal journey, that addiction gets progressively worst and never better. Unless the person in active addiction is faced with options for a way out, there is very little hope for the suffering addict. I have been on the frontline battling this disease with some success and others leading to a fatal ending. We, addicts, need a way out and the feeling of hope if there is a chance to make it out. Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to try to help as many addicts as I can, the same way that I was helped. Through a lot of actions and inner healing, it is possible to beat this disease one day at a time. I went from being a hopeless addict to becoming a respectable member of the community, workplace, and recovery environment. We are living proof that this does work and can work if you want it to.


Robert Lind

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